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Dear Fellow Business Owner

Are you frustrated that your business is not generating the sales and profits you desire or know is possible from your business?  Are you working too many hours in your business and missing out on time with family and friends and doing the things you enjoy?  Are you reluctant to go on holiday because your business would fall apart without you?  Are you frustrated with the performance of your team or do you struggle to hire the right people in the first place?

Have you found yourself working harder and harder in the hope that if you only get more done your results will improve?  Do you feel like your business is “Groundhog Day” where each day (not to mention each year) feels like a repeat of the last?  Have you found yourself asking “is there a better way?”

Extend Business Coaching – Not Your Ordinary Business Coaching Story

Since Tony Fraser-Jones founded Extend Business Coaching we have coached over 157 businesses across 25 industries to tackle the challenge of not only running a business day to day but to grow the sales and profits of businesses quickly and substantially.  Tony Fraser-Jones is not your ordinary Business Coach.  After securing a MCom with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland Tony sent five years working at the International Consulting Company Accenture.  Tony has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and business ownership so making the jump into business was a natural next step.  Tony doesn’t do things by halves and his first business was a restaurant where he grew the sales by 112% in four years and sold for 10 times the investment he initially made.   Whilst owning the restaurant Tony set up a Property Trading business and successfully brought and sold in excess of $15.2 million worth of property over a four and a half year period.  At the same time Tony built up a $2.4 million rental property portfolio of his own.

$80,000 in 30 Days: “We implemented a sales letter strategy targeting the large schools in the Hamilton area and secured two new clients straight away. Each client is worth at least $40,000 of sales annually. And we have only sent the letter to half of the schools on the list!”

Mike Foote – Plumbing and Gas Works

Tony’s experience and proven strategies mean you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself.

There is an easier way . . .

If you really want to create the business you dreamed of when you started so you and your family can have financial freedom and a great lifestyle then please read on.

All business owners understand that from time to time you need the help of experts who are further down the road than you are. No business owner in their right mind when consider doing their financial or tax accounts or attending to challenging legal matters.

Progressive Business Owners are realising that the expertise a Business Coach or Consultant who specialises in Sales and Marketing is often the key to creating explosive and enduring changes to their business.

Here is what other business owners have acheived using with Tony’s guidance and what you can acheive too.

“We got stuck doing the same thing over and over and not making any money so we decided we needed some help. We have made huge changes in our business since we started coaching. We have put systems in place and taken control of our finances. Before working with Tony our gross profit margin was under 20% and now its 35% which is fantastic. Coaching has been amazing for us it means we now have a lot more time for family and leisure we even get to take a family holiday now.”

Aaron & Allysia Kraakman – Kraakman Builders

Given up hope … and doubt success is possible for You?

Perhaps you’ve set goals, worked hard and been disappointed by the results.  Have you put things off hoping that your hard work and some luck would bring success?  Or perhaps you’ve felt let down by so called business experts in the past … who promised you everything but delivered very little.

Tony will not guarantee you success.  Ultimately you are responsible.  Forget the blame game as it will not help you one inch.  Tony does promise to teach you how to have a profitable business and a great lifestyle to boot.  And he’ll map out the path for you too (like the 157 other businesses he’s helped).  The key question is this.  Are you an action taker?  Will you put your shoulder to the wheel?  Because you too can join the client success stories.

Brook Owen talks about how working with Tony helped get Peter Owen Plumbing out of “a rut” and led to execution of a successful succession plan.

Brook Owen – Peter Owen Plumbing

To give you concrete examples of the strategies our clients like Mike Foote, Brook Owen and Allan Hickey have successfully used we’ve created The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever (value $393.12).  This free gift includes 7 money making and time saving strategies that you can use in your business today!  Order your Most Incredible Free Gift Now and start using these proven strategies to grow your profits, buy back your time and create an amazing team.

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There are two types of business owners reading this page. 

The first type is ready to take action now toward changing their business (and life).  The second type likes to take their time and do some research before taking action.

Which type are you?

If you are the first type then you’ll want to find out right away whether business coaching is for you.  Please contact us now to see if you qualify for a “15 Hot Seat Phone Consultation” with Tony.  If you are the second type then you must secure “The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever (value $393.12).”  The Most Incredible Free Gift is chock full of real life ads, strategies and systems that you can use in your business now.  This gift will give you an “inside look” into how our strategies work.

So if you are faced with that frustrating lack of money, time or team problem take some action now.  Either contact us directly to see if your business qualifies for 15 minutes in the hot seat with Tony or secure your Most Incredible Free Gift today.

To Your Success

Tony Fraser-Jones